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The Online Mirror: Your Web Camera Online

Online Mirror

The online mirror is a website that allows you to see yourself. It’s just like a regular mirror but online. Thus explaining the name.
Your online webcam mirror will show you exactly how you look, before you get out of the house or go into a meeting. You can also see your mirror image online to see if anybody’s behind you that shouldn’t be.


Web Camera Online

Here you have a free online camera that lets you do anything like tying a tie, or testing if your web cam works.

No software needed. Just make sure the laptop computer lid is open and that you are located in front of your webcam!

You can use use The Online Mirror to:

  • Check out your hair
  • Learn how to tie a tie
  • See if anybody's behind you
  • See how happy your face is after getting a great auto insurance quote
  • See if you need to start taking weight loss more seriously
  • Check out your hair
  • Rehearse a video you're about to record for YouTube
  • Practice the face you'd like to make before taking a "selfie"
  • Talk to yourself
  • Practice making funny faces


Test Your Webcam - Webcam Test

Using "The Online Mirror", you can also test your webcam or USB camera to see that it's working properly before making a video conference call, going on a video chat room, on sites/apps like OoVoo, Earthcam, Camamba, Room7 etc.
If you can see yourself using the Online Mirror, it means that your webcam test has passed, and that your webcam's fine.


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