Online mirror – scientific ways To Make You Look More Attractive

Here are a few tips and tricks to make you look more attractive with the help of an online mirror. These tips have been tested scientifically, and proven effective. Try them all and you just might feel a change. You can’t argue with science. Well, you can try, but fist try out these tips:

1.     Simle more often

All researches done in this matter, show that once you smile to someone, they will smile right back at you. You know which simle works for you better: open mouth or closed moth. If your not sure, take a quick online mirror check in our website, to decide. Once you start smiling you automatically look better, and look happier. People want to be around happy succeful persons. So put that frown upside down.

 2.     Wear red

The color red, makes you more appealing to men. It’s the sexiest color, it’s powerful, and it is hard to ignore, and it will grab more attention. Red is almost never out of fashion, and works great for day time and nighttime. (However, don’t run wearing in weddings, that’s not always a good choice)

 3.     Eye contact

Eye contact is a great personal interaction method. Creating eye contact points out the face you are a secure and self-conscious person. It makes you look more a appealing to the person your looking at, and it’s a really great way to flirt.

Time to practice your looks on the online mirror.

 4.     Hang in groups

Most studies on the matter show that people were deemed to look better handing out in groups! A loner person raises suspicions, while a person in a grout can seem more friendly and likeable. When with a group, a person that’s checking you out can get a lot of info on you: are you low key? Are you a touchy person? Our sub conscience works extra miles when checking out a new person. This helps us select the appropriate person in the group to approach later on in the evening.

 5.     Be funny.

Funny people are thought to be more attractive and intelligent. Making a few jokes on the first conversation is likely to improve your odds in making a good impression. Most people will prefer a funny person that a boring timed person. Don’t try to be a stand up comedian, but getting to know a new person is should be done with some humor in the process.

In order to test the online mirror you can do a simple webcam test right here on this website.