Test my Webcam – how can I make my eyes look much much better

 How to Test my Webcam? Eyes are everything. Eyes are a window to the soul, and they are real pretty when handled well. Very few girls are born with perfect eyes. If you’re not a super model, your eyes most likely have some small flaws, and like all woman, you just need a little makeup tips to make your eyes look great.

Test my webcam: open it up, check if you can see yourself, and start trying these tips:

Brighten deep eyes

If you have deep eyes, you need to use a lighter colored eye shadows, in the corners of your eyelids. Use light or translucent shades when you can, this will improve your eyes look, and make the whole top of your face pop up and look more appealing. You shouldn’t us unnatural shades. Choose pale pink, or peach. The light shades give a smooth good looking highlight for those deep eyes of yours


Dark shades

Now you can apply darker shades, starting at the outer corned of the eye lids. This will give your eye a nice pop of color. It will also make your eyes stick out a bit more. Blend the shades together to make the look more natural, and don’t forget: firs put on the light shades, only the dark on top. Once you try this, it will probably turn out as your regular order of things!



To make your eyes look great you need to have one thing handy: your curler. No, your boyfriend isn’t your best friend. The curler is the easiest way to get a lush look, it make you eyelashes look longer. You don’t have to put a lot of mascara to get the perfect makeup look.


How to Test my Webcam? you can just go in here to the online mirror test site.