Is The Online Mirror safe to use? Are you recording a video of me? Will you upload it to Youtube afterwards? I’m going to be famous!

No no, this site does not have the capability to record a video of you, or take a picture of you. The online mirror is only for your own personal use and enjoyment!

Why can’t I see myself in the mirror?

Did you make sure to allow your browser access to the webcam? A small bar opened up below the address bar asking you to let TheOnlineMirror.com access your webcam. Click “Allow”! If the bar doesn’t show up, try refreshing the page and see if it opens. Also, try a different browser.

If you’ve already allowed access to the webcam, and it still doesn’t work, make sure you have the following:

  • A functioning webcam set up (or a built-in webcam in your laptop, etc.)
  • A modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari)

Can I use this on an iPad or iPhone?

Yes, TheOnlineMirror does not use Flash to show your pretty face, so it works on the iPad and iPhone.

Why does the picture look blurry or dark?

Try turning a light on yourself in the room, or try changing the brightness and contract in your webcam software. TheOnlineMirror doesn’t have settings of its own that you can change.